How To Get Your First 1000 Visitors With Blog Marketing!

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So you have decided to start your blog and you are writing content that you hope will keep readers and maybe even encourage them to subscribe but there is one problem? nobody is getting to see your work.

How do I change this? What is the fastest way to get my blog ranked higher in Google and bring more readers to my blog?

For me, the answer is to access the audiences of other bloggers/creators.

This can be challenging for many bloggers out there but the process is actually not very difficult you just need to know where to look and be consistent.

You are not going to get anywhere by just setting up a blog and hoping that others will find it and read it.

You are not going to gain any links, or a higher search engine ranking by just having a blog. You will have to take the time to learn about blog marketing.

To help you get results quicker I have prepared a guide that will give you ways that you can market your blog more effectively. Remember that in order for these methods to work you will need to be consistent at keeping on top of your blog marketing.

The methods that I share with you below are the ones that I currently use and have found to be successful and if you follow the process then they should be successful for you.

Getting Your Content Seen!

The best way to get traffic to your blog faster is to have your content appear on other websites and social sites. No doubt, just as much effort should be put into promoting the content as writing it in the first place.

Your content could be the most amazing piece of work out there but if nobody get's to see it what is the point. Take time to plan your blog marketing strategy whether you decide to use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc each medium requires the right approach in order for it to be successful.

Remember you don't have to be on every popular platform to be successful. Focus on being really good at 1-3 to avoid overwhelm and lack of consistency. Momentum is everything, in the beginning, to build your following first, when you have a big following on that platform then move on.   

Guest Posting!

Guest posting is a marketing strategy that has always been around but when done right, it is still a very effective way of marketing your blog.

It gives you exposure to a new audience of people, which will raise your profile and give you a valuable link back to your blog. I am not telling you to just go out there and request to post on just any site, it must be a blog that is related to your target audience for it to be effective.

Podcast Interview!

Podcasting is something I have become very interested in the past year. There is something that is just very appealing audio right now that has seen increase people listening to podcasts.

I believe it is down to the fact that you can listen to a podcast anywhere, literally. Download an app on your phone and your good to go (podcast apps I recommend on google play Podbean or Podcast addict ).

When you are interviewed on some else's podcast you get to share your story, idea's and speak about your blog to their audience. Again this is evergreen content so once it's out there it will always be there to get you traffic.

YouTube Interviews!

Similar to a podcast interview's but on video. Video is very popular these days with YouTube getting over 1 billion active users per month so it is easy to see why you should give video serious consideration.

YouTube is also the second biggest search engine next to google so the traffic potential is huge if done right.

Again the content is evergreen on YouTube so once it's out there you can continually get traffic back to site. Make sure that in the interview there is a strong call to action that will send visitors to your blog or whatever offer you may have. Also, ask the channel owner if you could have a link in the description to make it easier for visitors to find you.

Creating Epic Content!

Something that a lot of bloggers don't realize is, that one of the best ways to get your content noticed is to write longer better-researched posts.

Google loves detailed content, and this type of article is more likely to get comments, shares, and likes because of the amount of value that is delivered. But you must remember that the post must be good actionable content and not jargon.

Take the time to research the topic and make sure that it is the best out there. Google may like the longer content but your visitors will not appreciate a 2000+ word piece of rubbish.

For this aim for a minimum of 1000 words when writing the content, if you can add more but never add anything that is not needed.

How To start your Blog Marketing

If I was to start all over again I would do guest posting first. Guest posting is a very effective way of getting backlinks to your blog. I would say this is the easiest one to get started with that brings the highest return for your effort. Here is the best way to go about it.

Begin to look out for guest posting opportunities in your niche.

To find guest posting opportunities you need to first open up google and search using:

A) (niche/topic) contribute

B) (niche/topic) guest blogging/posting

C) (niche/topic) contribute

There are other search suggestions you could try but these are 3 I would start with.

From this search, you should be able to find hundreds if not thousands of guest blogging opportunities.

Now that you have a few bloggers to reach out to, you need to make contact with them. Here is an example of what you could write in the email:

Hey (Their first name)

I came across your blog and I think the content you have on their is really good, I particularly like (blog post name). Make sure you have actually taken a look at their blog before you make contact so you can prove you read some of their posts.

I see that you are accepting guest posts on your blog, is this something you still do? (asking a question will give you a better chance of a response)

I would love the opportunity to be a guest author on your blog.

If you would like to take a look at my blog so that you can get an idea of quality I can bring, here are some posts you can take a look at:

A) URL link 1

B) URL link 2

C) URL link 3

Here are a few suggestions I have in mind for articles:

A) article 1

B) article 2

C) article 3

Let me know if you are interested in a particular topic.

Kind regards

(your name).

I would take down up to 100 or as many as I could find, bloggers in my niche and just tick them off as I go along. All you need is a few good ones to say yes and once you start sharing the content I guarantee you will start to see the difference in your traffic.

Don't think you have to hit 100 at once start with about 10 of those and wait for a response from a response from them. The last thing you want is to get more requests for guest posts then you can actually provide.

Use Facebook groups

Facebook groups are brilliant if you use them correctly. Before you could join a few groups and leave a link to your blog which in turn will send visitors to your blog, but as always Facebook makes changes and this strategy no longer works.

Here is what I suggest you do instead:

A) First, find groups that are related to your niche and join no more than 3 of them. I suggest you only join 3 because it becomes difficult to keep track of the groups when you join too many and it's better to be consistently showing up in the group.

B) Help other people in the groups. Be the first to answer their questions and solve their problems.

C) Consistently turn up in the groups.

D) Share your blog post to the groups.

Don't miss out any of the steps as it will have an impact on your success.

How To Get Podcast interviews

Very similar to getting guest blogging opportunities but instead you can search iTunes for popular podcasts in your niche.

Search the podcast section of the iTunes store, then search podcasts by category or sub-category, by keyword or by the name of the podcast host. You can also do a Google search for podcasts related to your niche which works well too.

When you have found a few podcasts do your research on them. You want to make sure that they are a good fit before you decide to contact them. Make sure you listen to their podcasts episodes, Check out their blog, read their podcast description.

Make sure you can see that they mention on their website that they accept interviews and check how regularly they post podcast episodes.

If you can see that the podcast can serve all these things then it is a good indication that the podcast will be a good fit for you.

How To Find YouTube Interviews

Many bloggers and Podcast hosts tend to also have a YouTube channel where you could potentially give an interview to tap into there audience.

After you have completed a google search of all the bloggers and podcast hosts just simply type their name or business name into YouTube to see if they have a channel (You could also check their website/blog or podcast bio as they pt will most likely feature a YouTube icon or link you can click on).

If they happen to have a channel, check the number of subscribers they have and how often they post videos. You should also watch some of their videos to gauge that the video content is good and to also prove to the channel owner that you have an idea of what they like to talk about on the videos when you pitch to them.


I truly believe that accessing other network's is one of the fastest ways of growing your blog traffic. This form of blog marketing maybe hard work but the payoff is great once you start to have a few good links coming back to your blog.

Too many people look for the 'quick fix' too often preferring to pay for fake links from someone on Fiverr and wonder why they don't get the results or even worse find themselves penalized by Google.

As with most things, relationships have to be built with other's in your niche so that you can also reach out to their audience. Never be afraid to put the work in because when it's done right it will be worth it in the end.

If you are looking to get more traffic and conversions on your blog then you definitely need my FREE Blogging Hacks guide! This FREE guide contains over 20 pages of actionable content to put you on the right path for creating a blog you can monetize. To get hold of this guide just click here.

Feel that I have missed something? Tell me your favorite traffic source below.


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