How to Build a Profitable and Rewarding Offline Business

To start an offline (by offline I mean a business where the service is delivered in person and not online i.e digital form) business there is one thing that you all need for your business to thrive and that is LEADS!

Many websites that you see will tell you to use more traditional methods to find your prospects such as hand out flyers in your local area and offer free sessions to get your clients through the door. These methods can work well for some but if you are starting without a good reputation and no network it can cost a lot of money and a lot of time for you to get it off the ground.

This is how I first began my soccer business which was a private soccer coaching company, I tried all the methods that everyone suggests like putting up a website or giving out flyers and free sessions. I even contacted local soccer teams and delivered free coaching sessions in exchange for handing out flyers to the parents.

This brought in some clients but nowhere enough to cover the amount of time and money I had put in for it. What made it more difficult was trying to market my business around my day job which was teaching PE to primary school children so I had limited opportunities to promote my business.

I began to feel overworked and frustrated with it all and even thought about giving up my soccer business altogether until I read a book that changed everything for me and that book was Dot Com secrets by Russell Brunson.

In this book, Russell discusses how the days of just getting your website up with a few keywords and expecting a rush of new clients for your business are long gone. In the book, Russell calls his method for finding and converting traffic to your business the secret formula where he breaks it down to 4 simple things;

Russell Brunson's secret formula for increasing your conversions.
Russell Brunson’s secret formula for increasing your traffic and conversions.

Who Are They?

The first thing you need to decide is who is my target market e.g (Parents, players, coaches or all of them). Decide who your customers are and really look at the profile of that dream customer such as the following;

  • What do they want i.e their child to learn how to play soccer.
  • What sort of jobs should they have i.e professional/career – making decent money so they could afford your soccer training?
  • The child is either a beginner looking to join a junior team or apart of a local junior team.
  • Their child is lacking confidence from bad previous coaching experiences.
  • Their child has the technical ability but they are now looking for a coach to take them to new heights.
  • Wants the best for their child.
  • Willing to work with the coach to help their child succeed.

Don’t forget that you should create a male and female profile as each will have different needs. Your dream customer may slightly differ to this above but hopefully, this has given you an idea of what to think about when deciding what your dream customer looks like.

Where Are They?

Now you need to identify where do your customers hang out. Now in this day and age, almost everyone has access to the internet through a mobile device and this is where the attention is for most people. As the offline business owner, you need to think where is my target market spending most of there time and how can I get my message in front of them.

Almost everybody now uses some form of social media so it is highly likely your customers will be hanging out on those platforms. The main platforms to consider that I have found useful for a offline business are the following;

  • Facebook – Facebook currently has over 1.59 billion users in the world making it the largest social platform out there. If you own any business you need to be on Facebook, it just has too big of an audience to not pay it any attention and if used correctly along with its paid ads function can rapidly increase your leads and brand awareness.
  • YouTube – YouTube has the second biggest search engine alongside Google in the world and boasts over 1.5 billion logged in monthly users. YouTube is another massive player in the social network and is an excellent avenue to showcase your business.
  • Instagram – Instagram now boasts over 400 million users and is currently owned by Facebook so that number is very likely to keep rising. Instagram is a highly engaging platform that only allows you to share pictures and videos with text. What I like about Instagram is its hashtag functionality which makes it easier for you to be found when certain hashtags are used.

These are just some of my favourite social networks to use for my offline business. There are new social networks popping up all the time such as snap chat to name a few so what works for me may not work for you so only use what you feel is working.

Don’t feel you have to be on all of these networks I recommend you choose 1 to begin with alongside email and concentrate on building a following on that channel. When you have mastered that platform only then should you consider moving on to another one.

The Bait?

When you have decided who your customer is and where to find them now you need to think about what can you use to get them interested in your business (give something away for free).

Gather Interest!

The most effective form of content marketing in my offline business is creating regular videos that showcase what my service has to offer. The videos must add value to your customer such as a soccer coaching video of you teaching a particular skill or giving some advice on how parents can work with their child at home.

Blogging is another favourite of mine especially for improving SEO for your website if you are regularly writing posts. using a blog is also my number 1 source for gathering email addresses as you can use useful software such as Popup domination that will capture email addresses for you.

What is Your Lead Magnet?

Having a lead magnet is an essential tool for gathering leads and turning them from cold to warm prospects. The right lead magnet can help instantly position you as the authority in your market and if those potential customers are interested in your services they are most likely going to do business with you.

An example an lead magnet for your offline business could be a free report sharing valuable content on a topic that is related to your service i.e ’10 ways you can keep your child entertained this summer without breaking the bank’.

What Do You Want Them to Achieve in Your Offline Business?

The final part of the secret formula is the result you want your prospects to achieve. You have to start thinking how can I serve them at the highest level and what lasting impact will it have on them. This is where your sales funnel comes into play.

What is a Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel is a process that leads potential customers through a number of different stages before they make a decision to buy a product/service.

How a typical sales funnel works
How a typical sales funnel works

That idea behind a sales funnel is to lead with value first and not the offer. The goal is to educate the prospect on how your service can benefit them in long run. Sales funnels can differ depending on the type of sale you wish to achieve i.e a low-end offer may require a shorter sales funnel but a more expensive offer will require a longer funnel because the prospect will want more information before they decide to make a decision.

In the book DotCom Secrets you will learn all about the core sales funnels that the top entrepreneurs use to make millions of dollars in their business every year and the best thing about it is you can learn all about it for free all you need to do is cover the shipping and the book is yours click here to get your copy now.


What you have to remember is that the world has moved on from the days where you could get away with just using offline methods and just creating a website and hoping that people will find you.

Your customers want to trust who they are buying from, know their story and how it can have an impact them. You could be the best sports coach, personal trainer or children’s daycare provider out there but if nobody gets to see that what is the point. Ultimately nobody cares how good you might say you are they want to see it for themselves and the fastest way you can do this is by constantly spreading your message showcasing all the good things you do that will benefit your prospects.

Ultimately make good free content regularly and turn your prospects into raving fans, then they are more likely to go from fans to buyers. Using these methods have helped dramatically improve my sports business and if implemented correctly you can have the same if not better results.

If you want to get in touch with me about anything that I have mentioned above you can contact me either by email at or you could leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

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