How To Choose A Niche For Your Blog!

If you really want to make the most money possible from your blogs, you need to research markets, verify the viability of niches and know, with certainty, what people are interested in, searching for and willing to buy from those niches.

To start, it’s important that you understand exactly what a “niche market” is. Niche marketing can be defined as“marketing a product or service that caters to a specific customer base”.

For example, the “work at home” industry is a broad market but if we chisel down into the sub-categories that make up this niche, we would come up with two very different groups of potential customers:

Home Based Business (Entrepreneurs)
Telecommuters (Online job seekers)

While the work at home niche includes people looking to work for themselves by starting a home-based business, but it also includes people who are looking to work for someone else (a telecommuting position).

These are two completely different segments of that niche! That’s why it’s important that you first identify a broad market and then find sub-niches within that market.

The more well defined your niche market is, the easier it will be to create content for your blog that speaks directly to your customer base and ultimately, makes money.

Chisel your niche down and you’ll be able to better target your audience and connect with what matters most to them.

Niche research is critical. It’s what forms the theme and scope of your blog, and it’s the very first step you’ll want to take even before you install WordPress or choose a theme.

So, how can you find profitable niche markets that are worth basing an entire blog around?

Finding lucrative niche markets is easier than you may think. Here are a few quick niche research hacks to get you started:

Focus on niche markets that encompass all of the following:

1) There is lots of competition.

2) The niche has an existing customer base who buys products online.

3) Lots of existing websites that you can get traffic from.

4) Passions or problems that are evergreen (they will still be relevant or popular years from now).

5) Lots of existing products and services that you can promote.

You can evaluate the size of a customer base by looking for magazines, Amazon products, forums, blogs, and websites.

The greater the number of available products and services within that niche, the more popular the market is.

The greater the number of available products and services within that niche, the more popular the market is.

You want to look for a market that can be easily targeted by a clear, identifiable problem, need or demand and fill in the gaps with solid content that offers the market with a solution to their problems.

In other words, pay attention to who you are selling to before you determine what you are going to sell.

Doing Your Niche Research

Niche research is one of the most important stages when you start your blog
Niche research is one of the most important stages when you start your blog

If you having a hard time coming up with potential ideas for your blog, here are a few quick methods of developing a swipe file of potential topics:

Research Amazon is an excellent source for product ideas.
Just spend some time browsing through the different categories to determine what types of products are selling, as well as the number of products available within each category (a clear indication as to the profitability of a niche).

Best Sellers:
Also check out other marketplaces like,, and

Browse Niche Magazines, Newsletters & Publications

A great source for product ideas can be found both on and offline just by browsing through niche magazines, blogs, newsletters and publications specializing in specific topics.

Pay attention to the advertisements that are included in each publication to determine what types of products are being offered within the market, as well as the level of existing competition.


Visit Niche Related Forums

Spend some time researching niche based forums and community boards to determine what people are buying.

Pay special attention to recurring questions from people in the niche who are looking for help with specific things. You’ll be surprised at just how many ideas you’ll come up with quickly.

Join Social Networks

Social networks like can serve as an ‘idea muse’ by giving you direct access to current discussions within various markets.

Also, be sure to check out as its a great source for uncovering hot niche markets. With Facebook, search for popular groups as it’s a clear indication that people are interested in a topic.


Search for blogs and websites in your niche market and spend some time reading through the content and comments left by readers.

Take notes! Write down everything that you come across so that you can investigate the viability of each niche as you go.

Just remember, you should always focus on markets that have an existing customer base of active buyers.The reason for this is an obvious one; if you focus on creating a blog around a market with an ever-growing customer base, you’ll make more money.

While short-term markets can be equally profitable, in order to develop content for your blog that will continue to produce results, the majority of your efforts should be focused on proven, long-term niches.

What to do next:

  • Write down at least 10 niche topics that interest you (ex: Health & Fitness, Self-Improvement, Online Business, Gardening, etc.)
  • Assess the traffic potential for each niche by evaluating competition (existing authority websites, blogs, social media and forums).
  • Visit 4-5 authority blogs in your niche. Read their content, comments and look for what products they promote as well as other forms of on-site monetization (advertising channels, etc).
  • Locate and review available products to promote within this niche market.
  • Start writing content around existing hot topics and integrate your affiliate links into your blog posts.

The best thing to do is to start your niche research before you start anything else and start creating your list of potential markets.

If you have any questions regarding the content above leave a comment below and I will be to get back to you. Want to join a growing community of like-minded bloggers who want to build an income on online? join my Facebook group here.

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